What is a Bliss Weekend all about?

Now more than ever women are experts at juggling multi-faceted lives. The demands of work, family and home are often prioritized first leaving no time for self-care. This is where Bliss comes in…

Bliss Weekends present women with the opportunity to press pause and take a break from the busyness of life. The focus of the weekend is to explore mind, body and soul through workshops, discussions, music, social activities and time spent in nature.

There are no rules at a Bliss weekend! You can sleep in! You can relax by the fireplace. You can attend workshops, go for a hike and make new friends. You can practice yoga and let loose your inner goddess! Whatever mood strikes you, just go with it! This weekend is about YOU and only you!

What will happen at the weekend?

Every Bliss Weekend is a unique experience because the constellation of women who come make it vibrant, special and transformational every time!

Our spring program will be no different! Often the transition into spring symbolizes renewal and re-birth. For most, spring includes a transition from more introspective or introverted activities, to a fuller engagement with people, our community, the environment and places outside of ourselves. This Bliss Weekend will get you ready for this!

You come to Bliss because:

·     You've been working on your heart, mind, body, and spirit to create your best self!

·     You want to learn how to get back up when life knocks you down.

·     You are ready to step out of your comfort zone! Sometimes that's what we need to let go and move forward.

·     You're a work-in-progress and always evolving. You acknowledge your imperfections and embrace the qualities and values that promote your positive growth.

By the end of the weekend you will…

·     Learn how to be kinder to yourself

·     Be more mindful of the areas within you that need attention to achieve wellness

·     Understand how everyday choices (i.e. food, thoughts) impact your mind, body and soul

·     Learn new self-healing techniques and have the knowledge to make healthier decisions

·     Be inspired and motivated by new and lasting friendships

·     Gain the confidence and strength you need to start your journey

This Bliss Weekend Programming will include:

·     A morning meditation class to start your day right!    (Set the tone for an awesome weekend with quiet time for yourself)

·     Saturday and Sunday Workshops focused on the wellness of the body, mind and soul    (Join our 10 expert facilitators for 1.5 hour workshops)

·     Craft and creativity sessions to get ideas flowing    (Weekend registration includes cost of all materials)

·     Access to a beautiful outdoor labyrinth   (For quiet, meditative reflection)

·     A fun, social evening full of laughter and connection   (Saturday nights at Bliss Weekends are ALWAYS fun!)

Where do we get our spring bliss on?

We are very excited about hosting a Bliss Weekend at  - it has so many great things to offer!

Five Oaks is situated on 116 acres of gorgeous Carolinian Forest and bordered by the Grand River and Whiteman's Creek. It is the perfect location to disconnect from it all and reconnect with what matters most.

Five Oaks has several different accommodation types to suit your needs, including shared double occupancy rooms in the main building and shared bunk beds in The Chalet, and stand-alone houses for groups of 6 people wanting privacy. Linens, towels and pillows are provided. Washroom facilities include shared showers and toilets.

The food at a Bliss Weekend is as close-to-the-earth and unprocessed as possible because we believe that what we put in our bodies is important to the health and wellbeing of our body, mind and soul. The menu features delicious vegetarian meals prepared with love by the staff at Five Oaks Retreat Centre. Please note any dietary restrictions or needs on your registration form.

Deepen Your Experience

Throughout the weekend, we offer the opportunity for you to meet with practitioners privately for 30-minute treatments or sessions. These sessions happen during times of down-time so that you don't miss workshops or group activities. You make a soul investment of $45 for each private session you attend. Sign up, scheduling and payment for these sessions occurs online and during the weekend itself. The sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration for these sessions will open in May. Here are some of the One-to-One sessions available for booking at Five Oaks:

·     Your Personal Money Plan

·     Reiki Treatment

·     The Keys to Your Best Life

·     Intuitive and Mediumship Readings

·     Energy Healing

·     Dare to Dream!

A Wellness Retreat for Someone Other than the Rich and Famous?!

Wellness retreats that offer the depth and variety of programming that a Bliss Weekend includes cost around $800-$1200! Who can afford that?! At Bliss B4 Laundry we have worked hard to be affordable so that our weekends are as accessible as possible to everyday women.

At Five Oaks we are able to offer three amazing packages, all of which include awesome stuff!

The Basic package includes:

·     2 nights, shared accommodations

·            With the Basic package you sleep in bunk bed accommodations - but they are wider than average bunk beds!  You share a room with old and new friends (linens, pillows and towels included).

·     6 yummy-in-your-tummy, close-to-the-earth, vegetarian meals

·     All weekend workshops for mind, body and soul

·     Morning meditation class

·     Fun crafty and creative sessions (includes all supplies)

·     Access to beautiful outdoor labyrinth for quiet reflection

·     Fun evening programming full of laughter and connection

·     Opportunity to sell your wares in our informal marketplace

·     A bag of goodies to take home - valued at $75

The Premium package includes:

·     All that the Basic Package includes, plus:

·             With the Premium package you sleep in a single bed with a handmade quilt to make your night full of cozy comfort!  You share your room with one person (your best friend, your mom, your     

              sister). Bedding and towels are included. Shared washroom just around the corner.          

·     You will also receive the Live-Your-Bliss Bundle – valued at $340. This unique bundle has been tailored to give you a taste of what happens at our Bliss Weekends. You can set up the online sessions before       

              or after the weekend. Read more about the Live-Your-Bliss Bundle.

·     Buy one, get one One-to-One session free!

EARLY BIRD Registration Prices – Until April 18:

Premium Registration:                          $460 + HST

Basic Registration:                                $415 + HST

House Registration:                      $450 + HST

Saturday Only:                                       $245 + HST

Includes all programming/meals on Saturday from 8am to 11pm, no accommodations.

Ready to register?

Click on the 'Register' button below. You will fill in your registration form first. Then you will be redirected to setup make your payment. For all packages, you will be able to choose to pay in installments.

We're so glad you're coming to bliss with us!

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